Enda Spellman


A real life struggle of living with chronic severe mental illness.

“I wish I had always kept taking my prescription.”

Enda Spellman

What do you do when the boundaries of what’s real and what’s not, begin to disintegrate?

Follow the rustic footprints of Roscommon native, Enda Spellman, whose earthy narrative digs a trench from tough farming and terrors of his education onwards to the crumbling infrastructure and strangeness of Irish Psychiatric Hospital walls. Told with vivid and often disturbing detail. From serving remand jail time, and forward to further hospitalisations, there are many rises and falls.

Related with honesty, determination, and fascinating anecdotes this account by a farmer, factory worker, CE Scheme employee and poet veers from ordinary to heart-breaking tragedy.

What does it take to endure A Thorny Bed of Roses?

Enda Spellman in his Twenties


174 Pages, Softback, Autobiography. Published November 2022.

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